The diversification of exports, combined with innovation is a great way to secure a healthy company growth and development.

IMSC’s strength mainly lies in our ability to rapidly assimilate a work culture and identify the values for which a company stands. In practice, it is essential to get acquainted with the company’s market approach before supporting any international project, after which we work towards international strategy solutions and offer a customized service meeting the company’s needs.

Till Schaefer – Director

Till Schaefer director of IMSC


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Whether you are an exhibitor, sponsor or an event planner, IMSC can assist with a range of expert services such as site visits/location scouting and using this expertise to insure your event’s success. As an International-Business-Expert, our management team will be happy to help you find best ways to obtain financing and where to seek.

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    IMSC specializes in market entry and business development in Europe (+UK) and support for global product as well as service representation. IMSC’s experience of over 20 years in the private and public sector make it a recognized partner for efficient project management and support.


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